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Plastic lens overview

Recently, flat prisms with finely ruled light guide panels are widely used in LCD backlight panels, and Fresnel lenses are increasingly employed for magnification or collector lens applications.

Large-scale transmission and reflective screens, with dimensions up to 200 inches, depend on our sophisticated Fresnel or lenticular lenses for their superior performance.

Nihon Tokushu Kogaku Jushi Co., Ltd. started business in 1974 as a corporate entity manufacturing and selling high-quality, high-precision plastic lenses.
Relying on technological expertise and manufacturing know-how gained through decades of experience, we spare no effort in the discovery and application of ingenious ideas when developing and creating microscopic machined items. The satisfaction of our many customers magnifies our confidence in providing ideal solutions to your most demanding problems.

Our machining systems are ready to produce plastic optical products of practically any size, including Fresnel, lenticular, linear Fresnel, fly's-eye and aspheric lenses and flat prisms. Our manufacturing expertise and equipment can accommodate a broad range of customer needs, from prototype development to mass production.

Our uniquely designed lens machining equipments can craft lenses to microscopic tolerances, satisfying diverse requests and stringent specifications. We also manufacture customized machining equipment for mass production.

We firmly believe that our distinctive capacity to produce a wide range of high-quality plastic lenses in various sizes in a timely manner will contribute to further research and development, and to the successful commercialization of your products.

Plastic lens product list

Fresnel lens

Solar Concentrator Fresnel lens

Linear fresnel lens

Solar Concentrator Linear fresnel lens

Lenticular lens

Prism, Prism sheet, Light guiding plate

Fly's eye lens, Lens array

NTKJ Vision

Plastic lens made-to-order products

Large fresnel lens

Minute fresnel lens

Large linear fresnel lens

Minute fresnel lens

Aspheric lens

Fly's eye lens, Lens array

Light guiding plate

Prism sheet

Transmissive screen

Other made to order products (MTO)