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Prism/Flat Prism/Light Guiding Plate

About a Prism

Precision prisms are arranged on a flat surface with their angles aligned and are used to bend incident light in specified directions.

NTKJ manufactures and sells not only Prism products on the catalog, but also manufactures custom made Prism products according to our customers' requirements in sizes and design. Please contact us for more details.

Prism/Flat Prism/Light Guiding Plate products

Prism NTKJ standard products

Ask us about custom made Prism/Flat Prism/Light Guiding Plate products

Prism product catalog

Product No. Angle P
Size (WxL)
LP15-0.3 15° fig.1 0.3 PMMA 2t 300x300
LP15-0.9 15° 0.9 PMMA 2t 80x110
LP23-3.0 23° 3 PMMA 2t 80x110
LP25-0.3 25° 0.3 PMMA 2t 300x300
LP25-0.9 25° 0.9 PMMA 2t 80x110
LP30-0.3 30° 0.3 PMMA 2t 300x300
LP30-0.9 30° 0.9 PMMA 2t 80x110
LP40-0.3 40° 0.3 PMMA 2t 300x300
LP40-0.9 40° 0.9 PMMA 2t 80x110
LPV40-0.05New 40° fig.2 0.05 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV45-0.1New 45° 0.1 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV60-0.1New 60° 0.1 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV65-0.1New 65° 0.1 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV70-0.2New 70° 0.2 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV75-0.2New 75° 0.2 PMMA 2t 300x300
LPV75-0.5 75° 0.5 PMMA 2t 200x200
LPV90-0.01S 90° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x50
LPV90-0.01 90° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x500
LPV90-0.05 90° 0.05 PMMA 2t 200x200
LPV90-0.1 90° 0.1 PMMA 2t 200x200
LPV90-1.0 90° 1.0 PMMA 2t 200x200
LPV90-1.5 90° 1.5 PMMA 2t 200x200
LPV130-0.01S 130° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x50
LPV130-0.01 130° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x500
LPV140-0.01S 140° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x50
LPV140-0.01 140° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x500
LPV160-0.01S 160° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x50
LPV160-0.01 160° 0.01 PMMA 2t 300x500

Maximum machining dimensions:2000x2000mm, P=Pitch

About "angles" of our prisms

Prism angles for products start with "LP" are its inclimation from the lens holizontal surface as described in fig. 1..
Prism angles for products start with "LPV" are its apex angle as described in fig.2.
Also prism's groove direction is as described below(fig.3.).



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