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Linear Fresnel Lens

About a Linear Fresnel Lens

Flat cylindrical lenses that condense or diffuse light in a linear direction. Suitable for diffusing a linear light source or for slit collection, they are widely applied in linear light sources.

NTKJ manufactures and sells not only Linear Fresnel lens products on the catalog, but also manufactures custom made Linear Fresnel lens products according to our customers' requirements in sizes and design. Please contact us for more details.

Linear Fresnel Lens products

Linear Fresnel Lens NTKJ standard products

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Linear Fresnel Lens product catalog

Product No.




Size (WxL)

LF3 3 0.1 PMMA 2t 6x100
LF4 4 0.1 PMMA 2t 8x100
LF5 5 0.1 PMMA 2t 10x100
LF6 6 0.1 PMMA 2t 12x100
LF7-0.05 S 7 0.05 PMMA 2t 35x300
LF7-0.05 7 0.05 PMMA 2t 35x650
LF7-0.1 7 0.1 PMMA 2t 14x100
LF7-0.3 7 0.3 PMMA 2t 70x140
LF8 8 0.1 PMMA 2t 16x100
LF9 9 0.1 PMMA 2t 18x100
LF10 10 0.1 PMMA 2t 20x100
LF15 15 0.3 PMMA 2t 45x450
LF20 20 0.3 PMMA 2t 60x450
LF25 25 0.3 PMMA 2t 75x450
LF30-0.2 30 0.2 PMMA 2t 20x280
LF30-0.3 30 0.3 PMMA 2t 30x100
LF40 40 0.5 PMMA 2t 22x90
LF45 45 0.2 PMMA 2t 50x120
LF50-30 50 0.3 PMMA 2t 30x100
LF50-50 50 0.3 PMMA 2t 50x250
LF95 95 0.3 PMMA 2t 30x70
LF100-30S 100 0.3 PMMA 2t 30x100
LF100-30M 100 0.3 PMMA 2t 30x300
LF100-100M 100 0.3 PMMA 2t 100x300
LF100-100L 100 0.3 PMMA 2t 100x500
LF120 120 0.3 PMMA 2t 40x500
LF150 150 0.3 PMMA 2t 100x300
LF-10 -10 0.2 PMMA 2t 20x110

Maximum machining dimensions: 2000x2000mm

f=focal length P=pitch

Our products' groove direction

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