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Sole agent for export markets - RHK Japan, Inc.

RHK Japan, Inc

RHK Japan is our sole agent for export markets. Please contact RHK Japan, Inc if you have any queries or wish to buy our products. The enquiry form below can also be used for plastic lens product enquiries to RHK Japan, Inc..

Please note that RHK Japan was relocated to the new office due to Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games' reconstruction work around its previous office. The new office is operating from the 21st March 2016 at the address stated below. Telephone and FAX numbers were also changed.

RHK Japan, Inc. (Moved on 21st March 2016)
2-3-7-201 Uehara
Tokyo 151-0064

Tel:+81-3-6407-1831 Fax:+81-3-6407-1832

Enquiry about our plastic lens products

NTKJ products are sold all over the world by our sole agent for export markets RHK Japan, Inc.(RHK) Please contact RHK for more product details and ordering products.

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Tel. +81-3-6407-1831

FAX +81-3-6407-1832