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Fresnel lens for solar concentrator

About a Fresnel lens for solar concentrator

Solar concentrator fresnel lenses have originally been developed for concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) application. The solar concentrator fresnel lenses are designed its plano side to face the sun (parallel light source), and the fresnel surface to face photovoltaic cells (focus). These lenses are also used as a solar energy concentrator for solar furnaces.

Our standard fresnel lenses can also be used for the same purposes but with the opposite facing design. Namely its plano side faces focus and the fresnel surface faces parallel light source.

NTKJ manufactures and sells not only Fresnel lens products on the catalog, but also manufactures custom made Fresnel lens products according to our customers' requirements in sizes and design. Please contact us for more details.

The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center - Solar furnace

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Solar concentrator fresnel lens product catalog

Product No. f
CF50-B 50 0.3 100 PMMA 2t 100x100
CF150-B 150 0.5 283 PMMA 2t 200x200
CF200-Bnew 200 0.3 354 PMMA 2t 250x250
CF300-Bnew 300 0.3 425 PMMA 2t 300x300
CF400-B 400 0.3 673 PMMA 2t 450x500
CF600-B 600 0.5 566 PMMA 2t 400x400
CF1200-B2 1200 0.33 1900 PMMA 2t 1400x1050
CF1200-B3 1200 0.33 1900 PMMA 3t 1400x1050
CF3500-B3new 3500 0.3 1900 PMMA 3t 1400x1050

f=Focal length, R=Radius, P=Pitch
Maximum machining diameter: 5000mm

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